2020 Brock Prize Symposium

Join us on September 23, 2020 at 11:00am CDT for the 19th annual Brock Prize Symposium with featured speaker, 2020 laureate, Dr. Tarajean Yazzie-Mintz (Diné).  Dr. Yazzie-Mintz’ work will be featured at the Symposium, where she will lead a dialogue surrounding community-based inquiries strengthening indigenous education and communities. The event will take place virtually and an overview of the agenda and registration information is listed below.

The Symposium will include:

MAIN SESSION: Dr. Yazzie-Mintz and Dr. Susan Faircloth (the juror who nominated Dr. Yazzie-Mintz) will lead a discussion to contextualize Dr. Yazzie-Mintz’s work across native communities, with a focus on future implications.

MODERATED Q&A SESSION: Dr. Yazzie-Mintz and Dr. Susan Faircloth will be joined by Dr. Martha Banz (The University of Oklahoma), to engage in a live Q&A session with symposium attendees.

PRESENTATION OF AWARD:  The event will conclude with the presentation of the 2020 Brock Prize in Innovative Education to Dr. Yazzie-Mintz. The award includes a $40,000 prize.

This event will be an incredible continuing education opportunity with relevance for educators, administrators, tribal leaders, and the higher education community (both students and faculty). Registration is free and open to the public. Complete your free registration below: