About the Best Ideas Network

The Best Ideas Network (BIN) is a complementary component of the Brock International Prize in Education. While the purpose of the Brock Prize is to discover the best ideas in education, the purpose of the BIN is to showcase those ideas to the world. Funded by the Brock Family Community Foundation, the Best Ideas Network (BIN) is a robust website and online community that facilitates the discovery, curation, and sharing of the paramount ideas in education.  Resources on the site are in the form of blogs, videos, podcasts, and resource listings, and represent the “best of the best” from thought leaders and innovators across the education community and around the world.

The BIN’s counterpart, the Brock International Prize in Education, was established in 2002 and annually recognizes one person or team who has made a specific innovation or contribution to the science and art of education, resulting in a significant impact on the practice or understanding of the field of education.  Through the development of the BIN, Brock has been able to expand its mission and impact in the education community.  Beyond awarding one deserving change-maker each year, the BIN allows the organization to showcase dozens of innovative ideas each year, and to reach a broad audience of educators globally.

By discovering and awarding educational change-makers through the Brock Prize and sharing the best ideas though the BIN, we hope to be an instrumental part of the innovative cultural transformation occurring in education across the world.