2004 Brock Prize Nominees

Elliott W. Eisner
Founder and President, Core Knowledge Foundation
Professor Emeritus, University of Virginia

Nominated By: John A. Bird

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Eisner works in three fields: arts in education, curriculum studies, and qualitative research methods. He has been especially interested in advancing the role of the arts in American education and in using the arts as models for improving educational practice in other fields. In his most recent book, The Arts and The Creation of Mind, he encourages educators and everyone to regard education itself as a process concerned with the preparation of artists, which requires imagination, the exercise of sensibility, the application of skills, and the ability to exploit the unexpected.

E. D. Hirsch, Jr.
Founder and President, Core Knowledge Foundation
Professor Emeritus, University of Virginia

Nominated By: DeAnn Davis

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Core Knowledge is an education reform movement based on a grade-by-grade core of learning from Pre-K through grade 8, helping children establish higher literacy. Dr. Hirsch emphasizes a sequenced, specific content of learning, which promotes economic equality in our multicultural society.


Steve Francis Kime
President, Service members Opportunity Colleges

Nominated By: Gary A. Woods

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Headed up the development of computer systems and processes to improve the flow of academic and testing data from hundreds of colleges, national testing services, and military training programs into centralized degree completion plans. This centralized data is used to guarantee transferability of credit so that Service members do not need to repeat coursework and thereby are able to graduate more expeditiously from college. This saves the students and the government millions of hours and dollars in completing their degrees, enabling students to graduate in a timely fashion and have a more immediate impact on their Service and upon society and the nation.


Susan J. Kovalik
President, Susan Kovalik & Associates
Co-Founder, Center for the Future of Public Education

Nominated By: David E. Sawyer

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Susan Kovalik has created successful learning communities throughout and across the United States and in many other parts of the world. She has developed the Integrated Thematic Instruction (ITI) Model using principles gleaned from brain research and, along with her team of associates, continually refines and improves upon the practical curriculum and instructional strategies ITI provides.


Vito Perrone
Vito Perrone designed the New School and its unique programs for teacher education

Nominated By: Linda F. Nathan

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“Vito understands fully and believes completely in the potential of education, quality education for the individual and for expanding the general welfare of a society as well as providing the basis for societal and cultural renewal and enhancement of those socio-cultural values, which will result in the nurturing of human potential. His view of human potential is unburdened by anything other than equality – equality of potential for learning and growth regardless of gender, race, or socio-economic condition provided that nurturing conditions exist for schools and the socio-cultural community in which the school exists.” – Ivan J. K. Dahl, Professor Emeritus, University of North Dakota


Walter S. Segaloff
Founder, An Achievable Dream, Inc.

Nominated By: Richard A. Coleman

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“Walter Segaloff saw the need to provide a special educational – and emotional – environment to help bright young students who, because of difficult home situations, were at risk of failing in school. An Achievable Dream is special in several ways, but a critical aspect of the program is how it supplements the resources of the public school system with money and other forms of assistance from a variety of sources. The program’s success reflects well on the businesses and individuals supporting it. Segaloff has succeeded by drawing on support from community, business and the military.” – The Daily Press, Newport News, VA


Eric J. Smith
Superintendent, Anne Arundel County Public Schools

Nominated By: Mary Catherine Swanson

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“Eric is a committed educator who has demonstrated that large county districts that encompass urban, rural, and suburban schools can make a difference in the lives of children. His efforts, especially his implementation of district-wide literacy and mathematics programs and his work to reform high schools, are a model for other large districts to consider” – Secretary of Education Rod Paige.

“Dr. Smith’s deep commitment to children and their education is clearly evident in the work he is doing in the local school system to close the minority achievement gaps and accelerate the academic achievement of all students.” – Nancy Grasmick, Maryland State Superintendent of Schools


John G. Sperling
Founder and Chairman of the Board, University of Phoenix
Chairman of the Board, The Apollo Group, Inc.

Nominated By: David G. Moore

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According to President Allen Calvin of Pacific Graduate School of Psychology, “The characteristic that set John apart from other academicians was his passion for creating a better system to deliver high quality education to working adults. Not believing that enough was being done to support the “nontraditional student,” especially working adults, Dr. Sperling made viable, credible on line education a reality when he founded the University of Phoenix. Today, his company is the largest private university in the United States serving over 150,000 students and has a combined market value of over $15 billion dollars. Certainly, the printing press and on line education can be viewed in parallel terms of bringing affordable education to the common man.”