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3-24-16 Dr. Cecilia Fierro 2016 Brock Prize Symposium
3-21-16 Jayci Harris and Sunny Swopes 2016 "The Big Idea Challenge" Winning Video
3-24-15 Dr. Howard Gardner 2015 Brock Prize Symposium
3-24-15 Brock Prize Introduction to the Brock International Prize in Education
3-20-15 Dr. Howard Gardner Studio Tulsa Radio Interview with Dr. Howard Gardner mp3-logo
3-19-15 Justin McCrackin 2015 "The Big Idea Challenge" Winning Video
3-11-14 Ellen Moir and more 2014 Brock Prize Symposium
3-14-13 Dave Levin KIPP Vital Behaviors for Success and Sustainability (2013 Brock Prize Symposium)
3-14-13 Dave Levin Maximizing What Our Kids Learn at Home and at School (2013 Brock Prize Symposium)
3-14-13 Brock Symposium Panel Discussion Moderated by Dr. Phyllis Hudecki, and including Dr. Keith Ballard (Tulsa Public Schools), Dr. Gregg Garn (OU), Dr. Robert Sternberg (OSU), and Tracy McDaniel (KIPP) - (2013 Brock Prize Symposium)
4-8-11 Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond Keynote Lecture - 10th Annual Brock Symposium






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