What is the Brock International Prize in Education?

The Brock International Prize in Education recognizes an individual who has made a specific innovation or contribution to the science and art of education, resulting in a significant impact on the practice or understanding of the field of education. The innovation or contribution must be specific and must have the potential to provide long-term benefit to humanity through change and improvement in education at any level, including new teaching techniques, the discovery of learning processes, the organization of a school or school system, the radical modification of government involvement in education, or other innovations. In sum, the prize is not intended to simply recognize an exemplary career or meritorious teaching, administration, or service with a primarily local impact. Instead, the prize is about innovative ideas that make meaningful change in how we think and act.

The prize itself is awarded each year at a public ceremony during the Brock Prize Symposium and consists of $40,000, a vellum certificate, and a bust of Sequoyah.


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The 2019 Brock Prize Symposium will take place in Spring 2019, and will feature 2019 Brock Prize Laureate, Jeff Duncan-Andrade.

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